The Living Tapestry

  • August 1 - 4, 2024
  • Genesis Spiritual Center

    53 Mill St
    Westfield, Massachusetts 01085
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The Living Tapestry Experience: This 4-day retreat at Genesis Spiritual Center in Western Massachusetts is designed as an interactive and collaborative journey. Engage in guided meditations, workshops, and discussions that encourage self-reflection and communal exploration. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, drawing inspiration from its rhythms and patterns. As the threads of storytelling, spirituality, eco-spirituality, and indigenous wisdom converge, a living tapestry unfolds, inviting participants to weave their unique stories into the collective narrative. Ideal for those seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and the environment, this retreat offers a space for growth, reflection, and community. Led by Maggid Jim Brule' and Grandmother Hears Crow, respected leaders in their spiritual communities.


The fees for this retreat are quite reasonable ($765 for a single room and $665 for a double), and include room, healthy meals, a delightful setting, and use of the Center’s rich and inspiring facility. Nevertheless, committing to such a fee in one “lump” may be a challenge for some.

With that in mind, we have established an installment plan for those who would benefit from it. No extra fees will be charged for this plan, and (as is always the case) you may cancel for a full refund (minus credit card processing fees) up until July 1, 2024.

Here are the options:

  • Single, full payment: $765+$35 fees = $800
  • Single, two payments of $400
  • Double, full payment: $665+$30 fees = $695
  • Double, two payments of $350

If you want to select either payment plan, just choose the corresponding ticket (Single Payment Plan, Double Payment Plan). We will bill you directly for your second payment, which will be due June 30. 


Grandmother Hears Crow - Nootauau Kaukontuoh, “she hears it from him, the crow” - is a woman of the Eastern Woodlands. She lives her life in the tradition of the Nanhigganêuck, the people known today as the Narragansett. She is a Storyteller of Longhouse Tales told in the oral tradition, including some with Native Sign Language. She brings to life the oral tradition at museums, schools, community centers, Indigenous gatherings, and wherever the stories lead her.

As a 'kuhkootomwehteâen' ('kuk-oot-om-weyt-e-ah-en' - one who shares knowledge), thirty-five plus years of telling in these different styles, she brings forth the culture of the Longhouse People, through their stories.

Maggid Jim Brulé is a transformational storyteller, death doula, teacher, and mentor with a diverse background: he has advanced degrees in clinical psychology and artificial intelligence. His online school - Transformational Storytelling – trains spiritual storytellers from multiple traditions to tell stories that inspire healing and spiritual growth. It has been operating for seven years and is accredited by the National Storytelling Network; his faculty and students come from around the world. 

He offers a series of classes and workshops on storytelling focusing on multi-cultural wisdom as well as facing end-of-life and grief. His latest book, "Stories of the Heart," was co-authored with Rebecca Lemaire and offers eighteen stories from around the world to accompany one on the journey into dying and living.

Date & Time

Aug 1, 2024 3:00 PM - Aug 4, 2024 10:00 AM

Venue Details

Genesis Spiritual Center

53 Mill St
Westfield, Massachusetts 01085 Genesis Spiritual Center
Transformational Storytelling, LLC
The mission of Transformational Storytelling is to help inspire deep, lasting change in individuals, groups, and communities through the power of story.

Here you can both experience transformational stories and learn how to become a transformational storyteller. We have worked with individuals, groups, and communities around the world promoting the growth of spirit that comes from living with an open heart. We do not promote a particular tradition or ideology - our fundamental assumption is that we must truly appreciate the richness of our differences and the joy of our commonality to lead a full life.

We look forward to encountering you in the future!